Twitter Partners With Datalogix To Track When Tweets Lead To Offline Sales


What’s the value of a retweet? Or a follower? Those questions get asked all the time in discussions about social media and advertising. Now Twitter is announcing a partnership with Datalogix that should give large consumer packaged goods brands some answers.

The basic goal of the program is to tell Twitter advertisers whether their campaigns actually drove consumers into stores to buy their products. That’s something Datalogix is already working on with companies like Facebook, and Ameet Ranadive, who leads the revenue product team at Twitter, told me that Twitter is employing a similar process as other social networks for tracking those purchases.

At the same time, he said, “The approach we took was pretty different.” In other words, the process is the same, but Twitter is trying to measure different things: “Most of [Datalogix’s] studies on other platforms have focused on impressions and exposures.”

In order to quantify…

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