The Best of Both Buzzes: Fermented Coffee Drink


If you morning coffee isn’t giving you enough of a buzz, perhaps this new coffee-based alcohol will do the trick. Scientists at the University of Minho in Portugal have stumbled upon a way to add some pizzazz to your caffeine routine by fermenting alcohol from used coffee grinds. The full findings were published online in LWT – Food Science and Technology journal this summer.

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To be clear, this isn’t quite the same as conjuring up another coffee liqueur like Kahlua. According to Sciencemagazine, the brewing process wasn’t terribly different from most production methods:

The scientists first collected [used coffee grounds] from a Portuguese coffee roasting company and dried it. Then they heated the powder in water at 163°C for 45 minutes, separated out the liquid, and added sugar. Next, the team mixed in yeast cells, let the concoction ferment…

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One thought on “The Best of Both Buzzes: Fermented Coffee Drink

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