How to Live to 150 and Other Fascinating News around the Web


  1. Will Humans Live Forever?

    “The first person to live to 150 is alive today.” That statement comes from an ad campaign recently launched by Prudential. And there are plenty of folks who think the lifespan of the average human is going to extend a lot further than that. In Newsweek, two experts debate whether you can live forever. Is immortality plausible? Or is it quack science? I’m still not wise enough to answer that question. Check back with me when I’m about a thousand.

    + According to a recent study, our happiest ages are 23 and 69.

    + It may not get you to 150, but you could live a little longer if you eat your breakfast.

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  2. Forget Those Carpool Lanes

    With all of the studies indicating that we’ve

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