Memorability Lets You Create & Narrate Beautiful iPad Photo Books, No Printing Required


There’s no shortage of mobile photo book applications on the market today, but a majority of these are focused on taking digital creations and turning them into offline, printed products. Memorability, a recently launched iPad photo book app, is different. Instead of bringing online web printing services to the new, smaller screens of smartphones or iPads, the app instead suggests that we no longer need to print out our photo scrapbooks at all — and that an iPad-only solution actually has advantages of its own.

If you do a search for “photo books” in the iTunes App Store, you’ll find a variety of solutions for building photo albums that can then be shipped to your home. Some of these are built for iPhone, like Mosaic and Simple Prints, for example. Others, like Printzel, are universal apps, and others still, like KeepShot, are iPad-only. Memorability fits into…

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